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Custom Designs

Custom designs are possible, but the cost varies according to the requested design. If you’re interested in a custom design, please contact us with your request and provide answers to the following questions:

  • Do you already have a design or do you need help with it?
  • Is your design prepared to standard specifications (sharp edges, 300 dpi minimum) or does it require additional processing?
  • How many colors are required (each color increases the cost of production – see note below)?
  • How many shirts do you want (the fewer the shirts, the higher the cost per shirt)?
    Please note that there are minimum quantities: 50 pieces for 1 color print, 70 pieces for 2 colors or more.
  • How important is shirt quality? Prices can differ considerably. The following table lists a few brands that we keep in the shop. Others may be available upon request.

Please note:

  • The prices in this list include a ONE COLOR PRINT and a BASIC SET UP CHARGE for the screen.
  • Each color requires its own screen. If your design consists of MORE THAN ONE COLOR, additional charges apply:
    • 35 $ per screen (i.e. per additional color). This is a one-time charge only, independent of the quantity of shirts printed.
    • 0.30 $ per additional color printed.
    • 1.00 $ per additional print location that requires moving the T-shirt (example: print on the back).

EXAMPLE: 50 Gildan unisex t-shirts, colored, 2 color logo on the front, one color logo on the back. Calculation:

Item/ Service Unit cost Quantity Line total
Gildan Basic Tees (including 1 color print) 8.95 50 447.50
Additional color front 0.30 50 15.00
Additional print location 1.00 50 50.00
Additional screen installation 35.00 2 70.00
Total 582.50



    Gildan Basic Tees

    Unisex / Women's / Kids
    50-99 100-249
    White $8.55 $7.55
    Colors $8.95 $7.95

    Bella Canvas Ring-spun Cotton

    Unisex / Women's
    50-99 100-249
    White $12.00 $10.00
    Colors $12.10 $10.60


    Bella Canvas Tri-Blends*

    Unisex / Women's
    50-99 100-249
    Women’s $12.95 $11.45
    Unisex $13.75 $12.25
    *To ensure the highest print quality (which is, in our opinion, a print that you can not feel at all), we use discharge inks on DARK garments.These inks work great on natural fibers (like cotton and bamboo), but synthetic fibers (like polyester) can not be 'discharged'. This often affects the resulting print color, especially on Tri-Blend shirts. Please contact us to discuss alternative options.

    Jerico Sustainable Bamboo

    Unisex / Women's
    50-99 100-249
    ALL $16.65 $14.65